Daydream Equestrian Center

Stop dreaming...Start riding!


Hunter/Jumper Lessons are available for ages 6 years and up.    

All lessons are Private or Semi-Private (2 students) to allow the student to reach THIER goals!  Because of the one-on-one of lessons students are able to customize the lessons to what they want to learn.

* All beginner lessons are scheduled in 1 hour blocks - 30 minute "ground" lessons (IE grooming, tacking up, etc) and 30 minute riding lessons

* Students learn all aspects of riding & horse care

* Single lessons are $35

* Packages of 4, 6 or 8 lessons are available ($120/$180/$240)

*STUDENTS are expected to dress appropriately for their lessons*

Appropriate dress includes:

Breeches/riding tights/long pants

Hard soled, heeled boot

Approved safety helmet (bicycle helmets are NOT appropriate)

Dress weather appropriately


Beginning September 1, 2013

We are so excited to offer PEE-WEE LESSONS for children 3-5 years old. 

PEE-WEE lessons will be approximately 15 minutes long on a lunge line*.  Students will learn balance and the very basics of riding (ie. steering/stopping) while under the close supervision of the instructor.  

*A lunge line is a very long lead that allows the instructor to control the horse.

Ground lesson portion (grooming/tacking) is not included.  The horse will be prepared for the student prior to arrival.

Single lessons are $15 per session.  No packages available.

Are you  a B.A.R. (Beginner Adult Rider)? or a Re-rider?

Beginning Adult Riders & Re-riders (you rode as a child and are now returning to the sport as an adult) face a unique set of issues when taking up horseback riding for the first time or returning after years away from the sport. 

I try to focus specifically on adult rider's fears, aprehensions & goals.  Adults have different goals, skill sets and learning styles from childern.  All lessons are private therefore you will never find yourself riding with children.

* We accept cash, check and credit cards as payment!! *