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Posted by daydreameq on October 17, 2009 at 2:44 AM Comments comments (0)

It's mid-October and I FINALLY have some time to sit down and write down a little something.


Well the BIGGEST news is that we moved to a new facility at the end of September and are now accepting BOARDERS!!  Its been a wonderful 3 weeks and I am completey in debt to the owners of Winfal Farm for allowing us this opportunity and use of their facilities!


I will admit...I was secretly worried that after a little while I would HATE the responsibility and the HAVE TO of going to the barn almost daily...but so far...



I am finding that the work involved is fulfiling as well as rewarding!  I love researching feed and bedding and everything else! :) I love the sound of the barn in the morning...maybe its all the nickers of welcome that I have arrived safe and sound...and ready to feed! LOL

I hope that everyone takes a chance to come by and visit!!


Posted by daydreameq on September 30, 2009 at 4:31 PM Comments comments (0) over!!


Its been such a crazy busy month that I haven't even had a chance to sit down at the computer to catch you up on what's been going on!!


The BIG news is that Daydream Equestrian Center has relocated!  We are now in our "own" facility in Mokena!!!  So now, not only do we continue to offer lessons we are accepting BOARDERS!! Check out the pictures in the Photo Gallery to see how pretty our new space is.


We have an indoor arena, an LARGE sand outdoor arena with LIGHTS!!! And BIG 10x10 stalls!  Everyone has settled in nicely.  I think Archie and Libby's favorite thing about the new place is the GRASS PASTURES that they can now go out in.


We are accepting boarders as of October 1st.  Give me a call if you would like a tour!!


Posted by daydreameq on August 3, 2009 at 3:22 AM Comments comments (0)

Its finally August!


August...wait...AUGUST!!!!  Where has the summer gone? Did we even ever make it out of spring????  What crazy weather we've had!  Anyway...with school beginning soon and back to school shopping fully underway, it got me to thinking...


This is the time to start thinking about WINTER and how to best begin to prepare our four-legged friends.  OH I know...we've still gotta make it through fall, but I like to at least begin thinking ahead.  I start to ask myself some deep and insightful questions...


* WHAT new stable supplies do I need for the fall and winter?  And do I REALLY need to clean my tack box out?

* WHERE are my winter blankets? Are they clean? Do they need repairing?

* WHEN do I want to start putting fall sheets on the horses?

* WHY can't summer last forever?

* HOW many weekends are left for showing?


These very important questions may seem silly at first but lets ponder them...


* WHAT....obviously I won't be needing fly sprays, fly masks, sunscreen and bug repellent come the fall and winter so why not make room in the tack box for extra warm gloves, those little heating pads for my toes and this winter...I think I'm going to buy a bit warmer for the horses.


* seriously...where did I put them? I know I have SEVERAL bins that I store my winter now its a matter of figuring out which of them is housing my blankets.  I think before the deep freeze hits, I should LABEL all of my bins and organize them.


* WHEN...with some days still getting up to 80 degrees its definitely too soon to be putting sheets on the horses BUT again....where DID I put them for safe keeping?  I'd like to get a jump start on the winter hair and while blankets & sheets DO NOT keep the horses from looking like whooly-mammoths, they do seem to have a thinner coat that seems to shed out faster come spring!


* WHY...really why can't summer last forever?  Its one of my favorite seasons...camping, horse shows, LONG days when it doesn't get dark til 9pm, hanging out at the barn just relaxing and being lazy.


* HOW...not that I'm obsessed with showing but its soooo much fun!!!  But this is also the time for me to test how my students and horses are progressing and what changes need to be made over the winter.  Showing helps plants the seeds of  what we need to work on during the LONG winter ahead.  New excersizes. Changes in equipment. Reevaluating goals.


So while I enjoy the last bits of summer I will also be busy about preparing for the winter!  ENJOY the rest of your summer!!!

Maui Jim Horse Trial

Posted by daydreameq on July 13, 2009 at 10:12 PM Comments comments (9)

Spent this past Saturday & Sunday at the Maui Jim Horse Trials in Wayne, IL.  We got to see several of our top eventing riders in our backyard!!  It was so awesome!!  Check out the Photo Gallery for a couple of pictures taken at the Maui Jim Water element...Left me simply have the guts to jump that way!  I was thrilled again to see Bruce & Buck Davidson ride.


Not only did we see some amazing rider & horse teams clear some unbelievable jumps we also saw the tragedy that sometimes occurs in our sport.  This is off of the Maui Jim Horse Trials website:


" It is with great sadness that we announce that Uni Griffon owned and ridden by Lisa Marie Fergusson collapsed and died after completing cross country at The Maui Jim Horse Trials at 1:45pm July 11, 2009. Cause of death is yet to be determined. "


My heart goes out to Lisa Marie Fergusson.  I can only imagine the grief and sadness that this event brings to her. 


This incident just makes me appreciate everyday that we have with our critters, family and friends.  Do me a favor everyone...give your loved ones, 2-legged and 4-legged, a little extra love today.





Posted by daydreameq on July 10, 2009 at 4:06 AM Comments comments (0)

Welcome to my website and first blog entry!


Summer is in full swing and lessons are underway!  There are still plenty of sessions open so please give me a call!  If you are a timid rider, relax, I work at YOUR comfort level to reach YOUR goals.


We still have a couple of horse shows left before school starts again.  Aliya & Danielle took Libby to their first show at the end of May.  It was a fun show and all three kids had a BLAST!  They are looking forward to their next show in August at Frances Field in New Lenox.


Skylar and Archie had an great time at the Windy Isles (Peotone, IL) show.  Out of 10 classes, they brought home 7 ribbons!!  They're hoping to make it to Twin Oaks in Bourbonnais at the end of July.